Stop. Hammam time…

When creating Chaq Chaq we wanted a space for our guests to indulge themselves.  With our Spa and hammam we have two rooms in the heart of the house where you can experience a range of treatments.

Spa treatments


The relaxing full body massage with essential oils provides immediate relaxation and elimination of muscle tension and stimulates blood circulation

Back and neck massages: A stimulation of muscles which helps to relieve contractures, getting rid of pain caused by a sore shoulder, neck blockage and also helps the elimination of toxins from the whole area

Relaxing neck, head and face massage: An ideal remedy for stress and fatigue



Facial care, scrub and mask created with the virtues of natural Moroccan oils provides a wonderful feeling of relaxation


This treatment helps to harmonise all the systems together – mental, emotional and physical. Stimulating the pressure points of the feet helps soothe the pain and improves the blood circulation. Acupression is a therapy to stimulate acupuncture points by exerting pressure on them. It promotes higher electrical conductivity in neighbouring areas and causes secretion of endorphins.

Feet and Handcare

Hand care: Paraffin bath and massage

Feet: Paraffin bath and massage