Services built around you

We’ve created a range of options to suit your day.  Whether you want to get up at dawn and explore the medina or relax all day on the terrace, we have created an experience to suit your needs.

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Lower or upper?

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A time to indulge

We wanted to make sure the experience of staying at Chaq Chaq allowed you to unwind from the stresses of everyday life.

Chaq Chaq’s hammam and massage room with locally sourced organic products will help you relax and de-stress…

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Breakfast every morning
Two-course complementary breakfast with juice and smoothie menu

All-day food menu (11am-11pm)
A mix of Moroccan and Western classics, eg. Club Sandwiches, Burgers etc

Full lunches or dinners
Available in the courtyard, lower terrace or upper terrace

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